Osa Peninsula, Puerto Jimenez properties for sale in Southern Costa Rica.

Rancho Dulce

Rancho Dulce is a spectacular piece of primary rainforest preserve that protects existing rainforest, and is replanting additional acreage (20-25 hectares) of recovering secondary forest that adjoins the Rio Barrigones. The infrastructure for Rancho Dulce was completed with certified standards and according to sustainable practices, all from local resources and with our community in mind.

Rancho Dulce is located in Southern Costa Rica. This Real Estate is located near beautiful beaches on The Osa Peninsula, just 15 minutes North of Puerto Jimenez Airport. Rancho Dulce protects 27 acres of existing rainforest and is replanting additional acreage of recovering secondary forest. Each Osa Peninsula property is located on what used to be secondary forest and pasture land. Each property borders primary rainforest, is planted for wildlife, and improves the overall health of the existing corridor which is an important arm to Corcovado National Park. The road, electric and water systems for Rancho Dulce were completed with certified standards and according to sustainable practices, all from local resources and with our community in mind. Our philosophies are simply designed to attract like-minded people with a mutual appreciation for The Osa. We figured the benefits of protecting oxygen producing forests, far outweighed the negative impacts of having 6 – 8 sustainably built homes constructed, as there are only 8 homesites in the entire subdivision. We figured we would need a few owners to cover the costs to preserve 27 acres of rainforest and at the same time, reforest each property border and provide corridors for monkeys and wildlife. This off-sets the Ranches carbon footprint. Our Osa Peninsula Properties start at $70K- $245K, some lots with spectacular gulf views. Our rainforest reserve is an important Arm of Corcovado National Park, connecting and protecting precious rainforest, watersheds, hiking trails and private access to Corcovado as well. Contact us for a private tour of Rancho Dulce.

We are not realtors, and Rancho Dulce consists of 6-8 properties, Buy, build and join us in a sustainable effort with one community designed to protect an important arm of Corcovado National Park. The Ranch is only 8-10 potential home sites, and only 2 have been sold. You do not have to worry about too many neighbors, hotels or cabinas being built as Rancho Dulce is an Eco Residential Community / Neighborhood limited to 2 homes on your property. We are a small community of like-minded Osa lovers looking to strengthen our commitment to preserving and protecting the rainforest near Corcovado National Park.