Sustainable Jobs For Costa Ricans

Each year, our employees plant 100’s of fruit trees, bananas, mangoes, shade trees, bamboo and ornamental foliage on each of the available homesites. Our concept is to plant each property line with shade, privacy and food for both animals and people. Each property line also serves as a corridor for monkeys, birds, sloths, reptiles and mammals, where we are planting indigenous trees in the shade of Papayas & Mango trees.  In just 2 years of planting, we have re-introduced the endangered Mono Titi ( Squirrel Monkey ) to the river corridor. Rancho Dulce also has a group of White Face ( Capuchin Monkeys ) and the Howlers are close by  the homesites.  In recent years we have seen monkeys, sloths, turtles, raptors, and Tapirs down at the river, all due to in part to our replanting and reforestation efforts.  In 2009, we are planting 100’s of indigenous trees as well as 2-3 hectares Guadua Bamboo near the river. Guadua Bamboo is a great sustainable building material and also produces enough bamboo each year to sell and offset some of the caretaking expenses to maintain the farm. 

Rancho Dulce

Currently calculated at $500 per year per property owner. ( due in Feb of each year. ) or including gardening and planting services $1000 per year. We can plant food, shade, trees, grass, help clear your homesite for building.

Each of our property owners is encouraged  to plant each year  and we work with the local community / school in San Miguel by inviting the children to spend a day planting trees and learning about the importance of the rainforest.  In exchange for helping us reforest the pasture land , the school administrator receives donated school and construction supplies. We feel it our obligation to help out our local community and impoverished school each time a homesite is sold. A minimum of $500-$1000 is donated to the local school as part of closing costs, and the kids get to participate in planting on your property in exchange for the small school of San Miguel receiving donated supplies.  Books, pens, ESl materials, used computers, roofing material and improving their drinking water supplies. Our caretaker volunteers at the school for maintenance throughout the year, so part of his salary directly benefits the community. Rancho Dulce is located near an area where logging and hunting used to be  a way of life, and with education and jobs, we can teach them to live in the new economy, and also provide sustainable jobs to locals that are employed in logging activities.

We believe strongly that having 6-8 property owners / homes at The Ranch will provide 4-5 full time jobs maintaining roads, water, electric , gardening  & housekeeping services .   We also require  each homeowner to construct their homes primarily of sustainable building materials such as Teak, Melina, Bamboo, stone, concrete  and only permitted woods, minimizing the use of primary hardwood trees. There are literally dozens of types of woods that can be used that come from local wood farms.  We encourage all property owners to choose sustainable building practices and help become part of the solution.