8 Unique Homesites  in The Mountains

Listing RD02 Homesite #2     SOLD

Listing RD03 Homesite #3     $95,000

Approx 2.0 hect  - 5  acres acres.
 Homesite # 3 is an L shaped building site stretching from the top of the hill near the reserve all the way down to the river below. Includes all the amenities… view, river, and rainforest. The rainforest reserve is literally in your backyard and due to the close proximity of the rainforest, we have seen more animals and monkeys on this property than the others. Heavily treed at the top and bottom, this is a great property with great mountain views and fabulous breezes. There is a small seasonal spring & creek that flows along the North border of the property and great road and river access.  The property touches both the river and the public road at the top of the hill, and is a great property for a garden. Property # 3 is also close to the proposed caretaker homesite, and is considered one of the most secure and private properties on The Ranch.

Listing RD04 Homesite #4     $75,000
Approx 4-5 acres of flat pasture land down under the cool shade of the Barrigonnes River. Large trees by the river border 2 sides of the property. Perfect for horses. The area closest to the river is part of our newest corridor project. We have planted over 100 fruit and shade trees in preparation for planting hardwood trees during the rainy season this year. Both electricity and water are on the property, and water is delivered via. gravity & pump.  The Barrigones River corridor is home to owls, hawks, turtles, monkeys, sloths  and Tayras. Cool morning and late afternoon shade. Truly a birders paradise. 

Listing RD05 Homesite #5    $135,000
Approx 5 acres up high on a hill with great views overlooking the valleys and gulf below. A natural corridor of trees located on both sides and it backs up to our reserve.  200 * wide open view with great breezes.  Electricity and water are on the property, and water is delivered via. gravity down below & via. Pump up above at building site.  Your Southwest border touches the river providing you private river access . Primary building site is located near public road at top of the gentle slope. Great morning and afternoon breezes. One of our nicest properties, lots of space for gardens and planting.

Listing RD06 Homesite #6    $97,000
Approx 3.5 acres and is located up high with the rainforest reserve on the other side of the road. A great building site near the top of the property and we have already planted lots of fruit , Mango, Almond and shade trees. Fabulous breezes and a great view of the valley above and below. Plenty of room at the bottom near the river for gardens, gazebos, ranchos and BBQ areas down by the river.

Listing RD07 Homesite #7    SOLD

Listing RD10 Homesite #8    $245,000
Approx 5 acres located high on a hill with nice gulf and mountain views. Gently sloping homesite and is adjacent to the rainforest reserve. This property is a favorite for all monkeys , birds and toucans. Due to this property being located up so high, the cool morning and afternoon breezes pass thru each day, and the property has over 300’ of river frontage on the Barrigones River. Truly an exceptional property and a great little building site for a 1 or 2 story home. Great Gulf & Mountain View !