Private Rainforest Reserve at Rancho Dulce

Rancho Dulce was purchased in 2005 primarily because of the large tract of primary rainforest at the top of the property near the ridge. This 25-hectare portion of the ranch has been deemed a private reserve for the owners and families at Rancho Dulce. Over 25 acres of pristine forests   in a true and original state of diversity. There are over 300 species of trees, heleconias, orchids, palms and vines in the reserve.  In 2008 over 2 km. of private trails were installed through the reserve so that owners at the ranch will have easy access to the forest. A few of the lots for sale back right up to the reserve. There are 3 types of monkeys that visit the forest, and 100’s of birds, Agoutis, Pacas, and Tapisquintle. Scarlet Macaws and parrots fly over the ranch each day and nest in the rainforest reserve. Each property owner and their guests can visit and spend as much time in the rainforest as desired.  Orchid collecting is a favorite activity after a hard rain or storm. A portion of the trails will be handicap accessible.

The reserve sits high above the Barrigonnes river below, with each property border adjoining both the river and the reserve. Rancho Dulce is in the process of planting each property border with indigenous trees, plants, shrubs and bamboo to re-create a natural corridor reaching from the forest above to the river below. This corridor will invite and entice the monkeys, birds and mammals to use these newly planted corridors to access and include the river growth as part of their feeding routines.  The river is separated biologically from the forest, but with all the help of the 7-9 new residents at the ranch, we can help the Titi monkeys make it back down to the river. Imagine monkeys passing by your home each day as you wake up. It is not only a recommendation to re-plant these areas, it is a requirement of ownership.

When considering our installation of electrical lines to each property, we by-passed the rainforest reserve completely and in fact received 100% approval from the local forest authorities in our design to go around the forest vs. through the forest. Not a single branch was removed to install over 1 km of electrical wire. Reducing our impact is always # 1 priority at Rancho Dulce. In creating Rancho Dulce, we felt that if a few lots were sold to conservation minded folks, we could pool our resources and money to help conserve this spectacular piece of forest. The small dirt public road that passes through Rancho Dulce is also a popular road with the local loggers and hunters. By employing a family of caretakers on the ranch, we now have a new set of eyes and someone to keep an eye on illegal activities and eventually stop access of these activities altogether. During certain times of year, commercial hunting is very popular. Having conservation minded owners and caretakers located on the ranch will slow down and eventually stop this type of illegal activity in the area.  Help us conserve an important corridor to Corcovado National Park, schedule a visit to see the activities at Rancho Dulce next time you are on the Osa.